Share a Memory


Please feel free to share memories about your time at De Montfort University or predecessors.

If you would like to provide detailed recollections please consider completing a questionnaire for former staff or students.

We are asking people to submit memories as part of our 150th Anniversary Project. This project aims to fill gaps in De Montfort University archives and record information about the people who attended and worked at DMU and its predecessors.

The information collected will be kept in full in DMU Special Collections as part of the institutional archive. Extracts or quotations may be used in the 150th Anniversary exhibition “150 Stories” and associated publications, including online resources such as websites and social media. In the future the information may be used by students and academic researchers in their work.

The project is being organized by the #DMUHeritage team, under the supervision of Special Collections Manager Katharine Short and Heritage Centre Curator Elizabeth Wheelband.

If you have any questions about submitting memories or the project please contact


By pressing ‘submit’ I confirm that I consent to take part in the project and hereby assign to De Montfort University Special Collections all copyright in my contribution for permanent retention in the institutional archive and use in any and all media.