Explore Your Archive day 4 #HairyArchives

For today’s #exploreyourarchives theme it’s the all time winner – #HairyArchives and I’ve found some wonderful images featuring my favourite hairy companions, dogs!

This year we thought we would mix it up with images of more than just hairy humans but hairy canines as well! Here we have a hunter with his catch and his loyal hairy companion beside him.


Our second dog photo is much more photogenic as it poses with its owner for the perfect shot in a photo studio, with a very believable country background.

And lastly we have a lovely image of two children and their dogs having their photo taken from 1910! As the best (in my opinion) hairy animal out there we hope you enjoy these old pictures of dogs and their humans as much as we do! However, if you are wanting something a little more people-based and Movember-themed then you can check out our post from last year in which we look at facial hair and hairstyles throughout the decades.



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