Explore Your Archives day 8: #SportingArchives

Today’s theme is #SportingArchives and for this theme I have gathered together images of various sports and athletes from all over the world from various collections within our archive. Trying to get as wide a variety as possible I have collected these images to show just how varied sport is and just how many nations are involved with the global phenomenon that is sport.

A game of Baseball in 1964 America

Children playing cricket on the streets of India

Chinese synchronised diving team at the 2000 Olympics

The start of the 1965 Indianapolis 500

Gymnast Svetlana Khorkina at the 2000 Olympics

Tan Yee Khan Malaysian badminton player

Austrian Skier Karl Schranz 1964

And finally Here’s some sport from Leicester to bring it back home:

An article on a women’s 100 yard race from 1935

The Leicester Polytechnic Sailing Club on Rutland Water

Special Collections has a growing number of collections relating to sport, including skiing, boxing and the Special Olympics!




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