Japanese Glass Lantern Slides

Over the past two weeks I have had the pleasure of examining, cleaning and cataloguing hundreds of glass lantern slides (there are somewhere around 60,000). I am now growing to be quite familiar the collection which has been acquired from the V&A, as well as the dust that accompanied them. “Skating on the Lake Kawaguchi” is my personal favourite!

This is a huge project that History in the Work Place students, Volunteers and Graduate Champion Interns are assisting in. There are thousands more to sort through so you can bank on many more posts with our findings.

In the meantime, enjoy these undated Japanese Topographical images. If anyone is able to identify the year that the USA wore the athletic jersey picture in the slide below “At the Stadium of the Outer Garden of the Meiji Shrine”, this could help to apply a circa date to the collection.


110. A Japanese Painter at his Atelier


89. Mt. Fuji viewed from “Nagao Pass”, Hakone


94. “Hotaka-dake” viewed from Kamikochi


99. “Fuki-dake”, Japanese Alps


132. “Shakuhachi”


159. Skating on the Lake Kawaguchi


161. At the Stadium of the Outer Garden of the Meiji Shrine


162. Mass Game


165. “Kyūdō”, or Archery

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