Learning at Work Week 2017: A History of Library Services at DMU

There were emotional scenes yesterday as Katharine delivered a lecture on the history of DMU’s libraries with a focus on the creation and development of Kimberlin. Without too many spoilers (we don’t want to miss out on the anticipation of our potential publication for the 40 years anniversary in November), the talk brought back many memories for our longer-serving staff members in terms of original building layout, extensions, and obsolete technology and systems.



The talks gets underway and already you can see the memories flooding back!


Slides Old Tech168

The archive contains a wonderful collection of slides demonstrating the Library’s commitment to keeping up with technological advancements over the years.


3 layout plans

Plans showing the three subject libraries that were housed in separate buildings before the opening of Kimberlin in 1977. The Architecture and Building Library was housed in Clephan, the Art Library in Fletcher, and the Technology Library in Hawthorne.

P Library ext1975

A fresh-looking Kimberlin, 1977. There is something a bit Rubik’s cube about it.

Most importantly, however, the images and promotional videos reminded all of earlier days and the people they used to work with. While many were able to share forgotten memories with their colleagues, we were also reminded of absent friends: those who have moved on to pastures new or those who have now passed away.


P Hawthorne Library c 1964

Interior of the Technical Library in Hawthorne, c 1964


A slide showing some familiar faces from our staff photographs collection with Katharine at the lectern.


As with any trip down memory lane, there are always mixed feelings, but much fun was had looking at 80s hair-dos, big glasses, and trying to name the faces in our”unidentified” collection of staff images. It is even hoped we might hold an archives event to help match up names and faces.

WW2 Murals 027

Enjoying having a browse through a small sample of the staff photographs collections after the talk.



To accompany the talk we also installed a mini exhibition table showcasing some of the libraries past publications, catalogues, and newsletters.

The Special Collections team would like to say a big thank you to all who attended the event yesterday; we were honoured to put the talk together and we enjoyed watching your responses to it!

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