New Heritage Centre Exhibitions

We are very pleased to have opened two new exhibitions in the Temporary and Student Galleries: Road to Reform and Contemporary Protest.

IMG_20151104_154606  IMG_20151104_154457

Road to Reform traces the history of democratic change in the UK, from Magna Carta and other attempts to control the absolute power of the monarchy, to Chartists and Suffragettes trying to extend the right to vote. The exhibition was opened by Peter Barrett, great-grandson of local Suffragette Alice Hawkins:


Contemporary Protest showcases the work of DMU’s Media Discourse Group and their studies of global protest movements. The exhibition was co-written with academic Stuart Price who spoke at the launch:


Here is a little preview of the exhibitions:

20151105_141605 20151105_141634

Simon de Montfort and detail of shield sculpture by Sean Crampton.

20151105_141736 20151105_141750

The English Civil War and the Chartists.

20151105_141803 20151105_141812

A Suffragette banner and sash (courtesy of the Leicestershire Museums Service) and a facsimile of the 1918 Representation of the People Act which first gave some women the right to vote (courtesy of The Parliamentary Archives).

20151105_141824 20151105_141831 20151105_141844

Leicester’s Radicals: Thomas Cook, Thomas Barclay and Alfred and Alice Hawkins.

20151105_141907 20151105_141916 20151105_141940

The Media Discourse Group study anti-austerity campaigns such as the Occupy movement, and anti-fascism protests.

20151105_141924 20151105_141931

Protest paraphernalia.

20151105_141957 20151105_142022

Studies of contemporary Spanish protest movements find that many have their roots in the Spanish Civil War. The video screen includes footage of scientists who are working to identify the remains of those summarily executed during the War.

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